A Kind, Awake Eye: Luci Shaw

A Kind, Awake Eye: Luci Shaw
Whether we are poets or parents or teachers or artists or gardeners, we must start where we are and use what we have. In the process of creation and relationship, what seems mundane and trivial may show itself to be a holy, precious part of a pattern.

-Luci Shaw

When an poet sees the universe clearly and compassionately, we wake up and listen. One such poet is Luci Shaw. To read her poetry and prose is a wonder to the artistic imagination and a delight to the soul. 

Below are three works on my list. Click the pictures to borrow these ebooks on Hoopla.

Read List: Breath for the Bones (Prose)

A exquisite treatise on how art and faith interweave--invaluable to my own walk as an Christian artist. It vividly shows the why behind the what and the how of writing in light of the mystery and beauty of God.

Hoopla synopsis:

Imagination, appreciation of beauty, creativity: all of these qualities have been given to us by God. For the Christian artist, the drive to create something wonderful is also a means to glorify and better understand our Lord. Using excerpts from her own works as well as those of writers who have gone before her-Emily Dickinson, Annie Dillard, C. S. Lewis, and others-poet and writer Luci Shaw proves that symbolism and metaphor provide ways for humans to experience God in new and powerful ways. 

Includes Discussion Questions and Writing Exercises

Reading List: The Generosity (Poetry)

These poems are a quiet oasis after a busy day, with a warm drink and a dog at my feet. They truly are a generous gift.

Luci Shaw's website:

God's Generosity at Work...Autobiography once more merges with theology as these poems illuminate in splendored natural detail how the seasons of creation parallel and explain the seasons of her life as a poet. Again and again, these poems shower us with glorious epiphanies from the natural world as it reflects God’s generosity at work such as “spring’s impossible news of green.

To Read List: Thumbprint in the Clay (Poetry & Prose)

I can't wait to soak in this book soon! 

Hoopla synopsis:

We worship an endlessly creative God whose thumbprints are reflected everywhere we look-in sunsets, mountains, ocean waves-and in the invisible rhythms that shape our lives, such as the movement of planets around the sun. And this creative and ever-creating God has also left indelible thumbprints on us. We reflect God's imprint most clearly, perhaps, in our own creating and appreciation for beauty. A longing for beauty is inherent to being human. We don't create things that are purely practical; we desire them to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Beauty is also powerful, in its redemptiveness, generosity, inspiration. In reflecting on the role of beauty in our lives, Luci Shaw writes, "Beauty is Love taking form in human lives and the works of their hands." So come, join Luci Shaw as she ponders through the beauty of poetry and prose the places, sometimes unexpected, where she encounters God's fingerprints, and let it help you learn to see them in your life as well.

Hear a poem read by Luci before you leave for your day. Happy reading and happy living!

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