The Adventure Calls

The Adventure Calls

The adventure of a lifetime has been calling my name. But to take the first step can often be the hardest for us. Do I trust God again, that he actually is Who I always wanted and needed?

Hard times in the past has spurred me ahead but has also made each step heavier. What will he think of me, a deeply-flawed person who's put off the journey into the deep of things, because, frankly, I'm scared where he'll take me?

I'm encouraged by simple walks outside in creation's beauty. He put so much thought and care and love into a simple tree leaf turning sunlight into sustenance, into a sky overbrimming with clouds seeded with raindrops, to fall on tree roots thick with years of hard won sturdiness.

This same God designed me to change Spirit-lit words to sustenance, to pray into the heavens, overbrimming with answers raining down, to feel the wisdom of the saints, from years of hard won sturdiness sink deep into the soul.
I was made for this adventure, like root to rain, leaf to sun, soul to Spirit. Why wait one more day to begin? And so the adventure begins...