Wife. Jesus Follower. Poet. Coffee Lover. Student of Life.

I am grateful for each day as a book coach partnering with writers down in the trenches making a difference with their written truths. I specialize in helping writers step into their calling with courage.

I was born with wide, brown eyes that keenly watched the world from my crib. I have not stopped taking it all in, growing up to craft poetry and spiritual writing with a leaning towards the miracle in the mundane.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts in English (Creative Writing Concentration) from Crandall University and am working towards a premier book coach certification through Author Accelerator in nonfiction, fiction, and memoir.

I love new places and people. Exploring writing projects and encouraging writers is my joy. I feel called to invest in writers making a difference with their lives and words.

Giving actionable feedback, creative prompts, practical tools, and detailed next steps are my superpowers. I love meetings, because that’s when things happen.

You can find me with a coffee, a book, and a smile in the beautiful small town of Truro in Nova Scotia, Canada, where I live with my husband James, my golden retriever Percy, and my tabby cat Smoakie.